Why Pinterest Sucks

There are many services similar to Pinterest and almost all of them have more functionalities and seem to have fewer bugs but people just don't want to explore them. Ironically, those are called Pinterest clones when some of them have been around even longer than Pinterest. Even the Pinterest like porn sites function better than Pinterest. 1. Only Pictures Allowed For starters, you can only bookmark (or Pin) pictures (and a few Videos) to your Pinterest account. You cannot bookmark a page with no pictures and if the thing you want to Pin (like a Lego set) is in Flash Pinterest will pick up everything else (pictures of related products for example) instead. 2. Its Bookmarklet Rarely Works Pinterest works great when you just repin stuff (that is already repinned again and again and again). But when it comes to pinning something for the first time, it's a huge pain. Pinterest's bookmarklet is very good at finding Ads, thumbnails of links to other pages, and button, yes buttons; but it misses the actual content of the webpage, even if there are several pictures in it, most of the time. I know it is not easy because different webpages use different technologies, etc. but Pinterest "clones" do it right; they also allow manual addition of media (e.g., replacing/adding a picture to a pin). 3. You Cannot Move Pins This is insane! You can't move a Pin from one board to another. Say you mistakenly pinned a dog photo to your Gadgets board. The only way to move it to the Dog Photos board is to Repin it to Dog Photos and Delete it from Gadgets. We are not living in the 80s; even MS DOS 6.0 had the Move command. 4. No Group Editing So, it turns out that there are more than one dog photos pinned to your Gadgets board. We already saw that we can't move them. Can we select them all and repin them to the Dog Photos board all together? Absolutely not. You should go through the agony of editing them one by one. Do you know any software that is created in the 21st century and does not allow batch editing? 5. A Board's Privacy Cannot be Changed When you are creating a new board you should think twice about making it Public or Private because once you make that choice there is no turning back. Well, there is one and you guessed it: create a new board with the desired privacy option and move all the pins from the former to the later, but you cannot move, and you cannot edit a batch. Good luck repining and repining and repining. Instead of exploring new things you should repeat yourself. 6. Too Much Self Exploration When you want to explore new things posted by people you follow, Pinterest makes sure to show you more of your old pins, especially if you are an active user. Everything you pin just echoes back to you and masks everything else. The more you pin the less you explore. It's a vicious cycle. 7. Get Buried In Foods And Dresses You either love to see a million pictures of a million dresses or you don't. Either way you have to find your way through those pictures because Pinterest does not care what you like and what you don't like. Basically, you cannot narrow down your browsing to a few topics that you are interested in. The only option is to see everything (which means 99% clothing) or to see just that one topic, if you are lucky and it is listed as a topic.

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