Why The Toy Poodle

People who know me may remember that I always liked short-haired or straight-haired breeds like the Doberman Pinscher and the Golden Retriever; but suddenly I got a very small curly-haired red toy poodle and I am extremely happy that I did that. Happy that I got a dog (all dogs are great) and extremely happy that I chose this wonderful breed. There are tons of reasons why having a dog is good for you; just google them. In this post I will only explain why poodles are great dogs and why the Toy Poodle is the best breed for people like me, first time dog owners who live in the city. More

Getting Started with MongoDB and Ruby

Install MongoDB
brew update
brew install mongodb
port install mongodb
mongod is the primary daemon process for the MongoDB system. It handles data requests, manages data format, and performs background management operations. [MongoDB.org] Install the gems:
gem update --system
gem install mongo
gem install bson
gem install bson_ext
source: mongodb.org Ruby:
require 'rubygems'  # not necessary for Ruby 1.9
require 'mongo'

include Mongo # Include Mongo so that the Mongo classes are available without having to specify the Mongo namespace.

mongo_client = MongoClient.new("localhost", 27017) # A MongoClient instance represents a connection to MongoDB