A/B testing With no B: You Are Eating Soup with a Fork

Over the years I have reviewed many journal and conference papers and have graded several course projects. One of the most common mistakes I have encountered with –across many disciplines– is tools being used in the wrong place. Unfortunately, using the wrong tool is not like using 3.45 instead of pi (3.14) for calculating the […]

SUX: Facebook Re-share Broken

You may have noticed that you cannot share some posts by your friends on Facebook; you can like them, you can comment on them, but the share button does not exist. Julia Homewood explains the rationale behind it: “The idea of the “Custom” setting is so you can hide what you’re posting from certain people, […]

RUX: Kindle + Audible = Incredible

“Without any antecedent knowledge, without any warning whatever that such existed, he found himself an explorer in a totally new world. Now that the terrible unknown had let go of him, he forgot that the unknown had any terrors. He was aware only of curiosity in all the things about him.” I was listening to […]